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Etzel (Irgun Zwai Leumi)

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Likud Canada

Likud Olami (Likud World Organisation)


Background information on Israel and the Middle East

About.com Judaism

America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

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Center for monitoring the impact of peace

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Mahal-IDF-Volunteers.org: Israeli Defense Forces volunteering

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Daily Alert, prepared by the Major American Jewish organizations Daily press review on Israel.

Daily Briefing of the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research Daily the two most interesting articles from the press.

Israpundit Daily background information.

Israel Line of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Official viewpoints and information of Israel.

Memri: Middle East Media Research Institute mailings A few times a week translations from the Arab media.

Palestinian Media Watch About once a week translations from the Palestinian media.

Arutz Sheva Daily News Service Daily news and backgrounds.

HonestReporting Communique Once or twice a week a report on dishonest reporting in the media.



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Answers.com: Likud

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Dafka: links

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Eretz Isroel .org

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Geometry.net: Israel government

Governments on the web: Israel


Jacob Richman: Israel – politics / zionism

Likud Canada: links

Maven – Jewish Israel Index: Netherlands Holland

Middle-East-Info.org: links

Mosaic: selected Israel links

Newsfollowup: Zionism

News Insider: Israel links

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Rachels Tomb: links

Think Israel: news

University of Florida: lecture links

Wikipedia: Likud

World Likud: branches

Yashanet: anti-semitism

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