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Likoed Nederland

150 Palestinian Tales

Donderdag, November 24, 2016 / Last Modified: Maandag, Januari 8, 2018

The original bestseller from the Netherlands and Belgium.

150 Palestinian TalesYou’ve heard the many slogans of Palestinian propaganda.

They sound something like:
“Palestinian terror is a logical result of the occupation,” “Israel was established because of Western guilt over the Holocaust,” or, “The settlements make peace impossible.”

If you’ve felt that these accusations were misplaced but couldn’t articulate the reason why, then this book is for you. This book gives you the answers. It blows away the haze of Palestinian propaganda with real, verifiable facts.

The chapters are sorted alphabetically by topic so that the book can be used as a reference guide.

The rebuttal of every tale is supported with facts, quotes, and illustrations.

These 150 nonsensical, recurring accusations against Israel show how deep-rooted is the hatred against her.


SSI 150 talesThumb up for ‘150 Palestinian Tales’ at the National Conference of Students Supporting Israel


“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
  – John F. Kennedy

“Placing 150 of these common myths and misperceptions in one book is a credit to the creators, as the intertwining of these tales highlights the root of the hatred towards Israel (and Jews) that is widely distributed over the Internet and repeated again and again.”
– CIDI (Dutch “AIPAC”)

“Buy this book. It is an invaluable reference. It should be handed out to every student going to college. If Jewish Federations want to make a real impact, they would order thousands of these and provide them to local Hillels.”
– Influential website Elder of Ziyon

“It sounds a bit dry to read about facts, but you also have a lot of pictures in this book.
The explanations are very, very good and it really makes a person think and connect the dots.

Superb job.”
Israel Newstalk Radio

“This easily navigated book provides a necessary counterbalance to all kinds of factually inaccurate and inconsistent framings on the Internet, new media and “quality papers” that are culturally accepted as truths.”
– SGP Christian Scientific Institute

 “Hatred and demonization are obstacles in the road to peace, and this falsification of history is the ugliest weapon in the struggle against Israel. Now, with this book, you have an effective antidote.”
  – Christians for Israel in the Netherlands (largest non-Jewish pro-Israel organization in the world)

“The thorough investigations of the 150 most heard accusations directed at Israel prove that these allegations are often untrue and often quite distorted.”
  – Joods Actueel (the largest Jewish magazine in Belgium)

“This is the wonderful book I’ve been waiting for. Not only is it exquisitely written, but it is extremely necessary in society now.”
– Professor Dr. Hans Jansen, Simon Wiesenthal Institute, Brussels

Uitgeverij Aspekt
380 pages
150 illustrations
ISBN: 9463381007
EAN13 / 9789463381000
$ 21,95

Worldwide for sale on Amazon (click here)

Terror attackTale #124: The terror is the result of the Israeli occupation.
Fact: Long before the “occupation” in 1967 there were already constant terrorist attacks.
Photo: An attack on an Israeli bus in 1954, which killed 11 of the 15 passengers.



  1. Apartheid
  2. Arab anti-Semitism
  3. Arab treatment of Palestinians
  4. Arabs in Israel
  5. Arafat
  6. Archaeology
  7. Atomic bomb
  8. Beasts (wild)
  9. Blood libel
  10. Borders
  11. Boycott
  12. Caliphate
  13. Chosen people
  14. Christians
  15. Civilian casualties
  16. Collaborators
  17. Colonialism
  18. Conflict
  19. Conspiracy theories
  20. Criticism of Israel
  21. Death cult
  22. Democracy Israel
  23. Democracy Palestinians
  24. Destruction of Israel
  25. Development aid
  26. Economy, Israeli
  27. Economy, Palestinian
  28. Emigration
  29. European Union
  30. Expulsion now
  31. Expulsion of 1948
  32. Fatah
  33. Gaza blockade
  34. Gaza densely populated
  35. Gaza hunger
  36. Gaza open-air prison
  37. Genocide
  38. Greater Israel
  39. Hamas
  40. Hamas founding
  41. Hebron
  42. Herzl
  43. Holocaust
  44. Holocaust denial
  45. Holy places, access
  46. Holy places, respect
  47. Human rights organizations
  48. Islam
  49. Islamic State (IS)
  50. Jerusalem capital
  51. Jerusalem East
  52. Jerusalem history
  53. Jerusalem Judaization
  54. Jesus
  55. Jewish lobby
  56. Jewish refugees
  57. Jewish state
  58. Jewish state creation
  59. Jewish terror
  60. Jews in Arab countries
  61. Khazars
  62. Land development
  63. Land for peace
  64. Land, population
  65. Land promise
  66. Land theft
  67. Likud
  68. Media
  69. Motherly love
  70. Muslim fundamentalism
  71. Natural resources
  72. Nazis
  73. Nazism
  74. Normalization
  75. Occupation Gaza Strip
  76. Occupation Golan
  77. Occupation Lebanon
  78. Occupation West Bank
  79. Olive trees
  80. Organ theft
  81. Origin
  82. Orthodox Jewish power
  83. Orthodox Jews
  84. Oslo Accords
  85. Palestinian leaders
  86. Palestinian people
  87. Palestinian state is missing
  88. Palestinian state, future
  89. Palestinian state, history
  90. Palestinian state, viability
  91. Palestinian state, wish
  92. Partition Plan
  93. Peace
  94. Peace education
  95. Peace from the right
  96. Peace negotiations
  97. Philistines
  98. Pigs
  99. Poisoning Arafat
  100. Poisoning wells
  101. Population growth
  102. Prisoners
  103. Rabin murder
  104. Racism
  105. Refugee problem
  106. Refugees, numbers
  107. Resistance
  108. Right of return
  109. Right to exist
  110. Roadblocks
  111. Sabra and Shatila
  112. Safety fence, construction
  113. Safety fence, necessity
  114. Saudi peace initiative
  115. Second Intifada
  116. Settlement construction
  117. Settlements
  118. Sexual harassment
  119. Six Day War
  120. Suffering of the Palestinians
  121. Suicide bombers
  122. Talmud
  123. Temple Mount
  124. Terror, cause
  125. Terror, right to
  126. Terrorists
  127. Torah
  128. Tourism
  129. Two-state solution
  130. United Nations
  131. UN Human Rights Council
  132. UN peacekeepers
  133. UN UNRWA
  134. United States
  135. Victim culture
  136. Violence
  137. War crimes
  138. War crimes, Hamas
  139. War of Independence in 1948
  140. Water shortage
  141. Water theft
  142. West Bank claims
  143. West Bank services
  144. West Bank withdrawal
  145. White phosphorus
  146. World domination
  147. Yom Kippur war
  148. Zionism and anti-Semitism
  149. Zionism history
  150. Zionism self-determination
001 ApartheidTale #1: Israel is an apartheid state.
Fact: In Israel, Muslims and Jews live together.
Photo: Jerusalem train to Tel Aviv.


Reactions of 13 readers of the book, unanimously positive
(on Bol.com, Dutch ‘Amazon’)

“Handy reference. In 150 clear sections, the situation in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel is explained.”

“I recommend this book to anybody who wants to know how the Palestinian fables really work together.”

“Clearly written and revealing. Arguments are based on facts and verifiable data. An illuminating view of reality.”

“A factual, clear picture that accurately reflects what is happening.”

“Mandatory material for schools and for our journalists. The stubborn misconceptions about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict are unfortunately persistent in the media. Therefore, these kind of simple verifiable facts are very important.”

“Wonderful book! Definitely a recommendation for schools, companies and the government, and perhaps at home.”

“Good book. I am glad that this book is there, and I hope that it will get a lot of publicity.”

“A fantastic overview of the Arabian Tales that are even sometimes repeated by the media. You can thumb through the book easily and have the facts and the real history. This book is going to be big!”

“This book should be read by all in Parliament. Representatives would surely assume different positions on Israel.”

“I felt a bit silly. This book was a present, and I read it in a few days with increasing amazement. I was already interested in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, but this book was a complete eye-opener. I see it all very differently now. I have, when possible, checked some facts and found that the veracity of this book is high.”

“Too many people in the Western world have only moderate or no knowledge of the situation. Yet, en masse, they form positions and focus their critical arrows on the State of Israel unilaterally, without taking the trouble to find out what the situation actually, really is.”

“Anyone who does not want to become a victim of falsifications of history had better buy this book.”

“A must-have book for every Israel supporter. 150 Palestinian Tales, actually lies, clearly refuted and substantiated. Photos are added to support the rebuttal. If you’re behind Israel, this book should be on your desk.”

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