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U.S. Congress: Arafat must fight terror

Woensdag, December 1, 2010 / Last Modified: Zaterdag, Januari 7, 2012

Resolution Following Jerusalem Mall Bombings, passed on Friday, September 5, 1997


H. Con. Res. 146
Whereas on September 4, 1997, three terrorist bombs exploded almost
simultaneously on the Ben Yehuda street pedestrian mail in Jerusalem,
killing at least four innocent people and wounding over 190 others;
Whereas Hamas claimed responsibility for this bombing; and
Whereas despite a clear U.S. call that Palestinian commitment
to fight terror must be constant and absolute, PLO Chairman Yasser
Arafat convened a national unity conference on August 20, 1997,
in which he embraced leaders of the Hamas and Islamic Holy War
movements; and
Whereas in the four years that the Oslo process has been in effect,
it is clear that the leaders of the Palestinian Authority have
yet to implement in any sustained manner the specific pledges
they made in numerous agreements to: prevent incitement and hostile
propaganda; combat terrorist organizations and their infrastructure
systematically and effectively; apprehend and punish terrorists;
and confiscate illegal firearms: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring),
That the Congress Expresses its outrage at this latest attack
on civilian Israelis, extends the deepest sympathies of the Congress
and the American people to the families of the victims and to
the people and Government of Israel at this tragic loss of innocent
human life, and expresses the commitment of the American people
to remain dedicated to Israel’s security in the face of this brutal
and heinous act of terrorism;
Demands that Chairman Arafat and the Palestinian Authority systematically
and comprehensively eliminate the terrorist infrastructure and
combat terrorist activities of members of all terror groups operating
in areas under its control and fulfill the commitments the PLO
made to Israel, the United States, and the world; and
Informs PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat and the leaders of the Palestinian
Authority in the strongest possible terms that choices must now
be made: either they do what they solemnly pledged to do as part
of the Oslo process to fight terror and the terrorist infrastructure
in a consistent, serious and sustained manner, or the entire peace
process, relations with America, and the hopes of the Palestinian
people for a better future will be seriously jeopardized; and

Urges Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to underscore to the
Palestinians one distinct message: the Palestinian Authority must
fulfill its most important single obligation of fighting terrorism
relentlessly with all the means at its disposal; and
Believes that all United States assistance to the Palestinian
Authority, whether direct or indirect, should be suspended until
such time as substantive compliance with its commitments under
the Oslo agreements is achieved.

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