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“When a man is having sex with his wife, he should be praying for a son who would wage Jihad for the sake of Allah.”

Maandag, September 13, 2010 / Last Modified: Zaterdag, December 31, 2011

In a recent speech, Hamas PLC Speaker Ahmad Bahr, aired on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV on September 5, 2010,
declared they were against negiotiations and preferred jihad.
Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) Special Dispatch, September 13, 2010.

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2.5 Million Virgins Await Prophets, the Righteous, and Martyrs

Ahmad Bahr: “It is said that ‘Omar [Ibn Al-Khattab] wished to become a martyr. It is said that one day, ‘Omar addressed the people: ‘In the Garden of Eden, there is a palace – hear me well, brothers – with 500 gates. At every gate, there are 5,000 black-eyed virgins.’ Brothers, 500 multiplied by 5,000 is 2.5 million. […]

“He said that only prophets may enter this palace. He looked at the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, and said: ‘Blessings, oh Messenger of Allah. Only the prophets and the righteous may enter the palace.’ Then he turned to the tomb of Abu Bakr, and said: ‘Blessings on your martyrdom for the sake of Allah.’ Then ‘Omar said: ‘Martyrs [enter the palace] too.’ Then ‘Omar said, as if to himself: ‘Blessed be your martyrdom, oh ‘Omar.’ […]”

The Israeli-Palestinian Talks “Are Aimed at Uprooting Islam and the Resistance Here in Palestine, in Gaza”

“Ibn Hajar explicated a hadith, saying: When a man is having sex with his wife, he should be praying for a son who would wage Jihad for the sake of Allah. If this is the culture of the nation today, who will be able to stop it?

Brothers, on the Night of Al-Qadr, bestowed upon us by Allah, I say to you: As long as we continue on this path, nobody on Earth will be able to confront the resistance, or to confront the mujahideen, those who worship Allah and seek martyrdom.

“I say to you, loud and clear: the negotiations, conducted first in the U.S., then in Sharm Al-Sheikh, and wherever, are aimed at uprooting Islam and the resistance here in Palestine, in Gaza. […]”

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