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Palestinian Authority TV teaches children to deny Israel

Donderdag, Februari 5, 2009 / Last Modified: Maandag, Januari 1, 2018

Palestinian Authority TV, repeatedly 1998-2009. February 5, 2009.

Children’s music video teaching that Israel “took everything” in 1948, in yet another example of the PA’s dissemination of hatred for Israel. This music video is the longest running video for children broadcast on PA TV. It ran repeatedly for more than 10 years from 1998 to 2009.


“My homeland, my land is very pretty
My homeland, my land is very pretty
It has hills, lemon and olive trees
I live in my village, my village in my homeland

My homeland is so pretty, my village is in it
Do you know what happened in ’48?
They took everything
The room they burned, the houses they broke
The forests they destroyed, the village they erased
They changed the names

My homeland, its name is Palestine
My homeland, its name is Palestine.”

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