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Palestinian Minister of Justice incites to murder Israelis and to hate Americans

Woensdag, November 19, 2003

Palestinian Minister of Justice incites to murder Israelis and to hate Americans

By Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin, November 19, 2003.


Nahidh Muneer Al-Ris, the new Palestinian Minister of Justice, has a long
record of hateful incitement, including incitement to murder Israelis through
suicide terrorism. He distorts Jewish history in order to deny Israel’s right to
exist, and de-legitimizes Israel’s existence as a state with expressions like the
“occupation” 50 years ago.

In addition he has a history of hateful incitement towards the US and its
political and Christian leaders. Bush and Rumsfeld, he calls “bloodthirsty
beasts” and he repeatedly libels American Evangelical Christians, attributing to
them deep hatred of Muslims.

In addition, Al-Ris recently participated in a ceremony in a summer camp
– named for a 17- year-old girl suicide bomber. PMW will continue to monitor
the actions and behavior of the new Justice Minister, to determine to what
degree his behavior as Justice Minister reflects his hate beliefs.

It is noteworthy that an individual with such outspoken hatred of the US has
been appointed to such a senior PA position. While his hatred of the US
certainly follows the official PA ideology, which even promoted murder of US
soldiers in Iraq through its controlled media, senior PA officials are usually more
discreet. As a rule, Ministers do not express American hatred publicly, so as not
to endanger US political and financial support.

It is thus surprising that the new PM, Ahmad Qarie, chose such an
outspoken terror supporter and America hater for a senior position in his

The following are some of the recent opinions of PA Justice Minister, Al-Ris, in
his own words:

On support of suicide terrorism:

“The Palestinian Arab nation, and its vanguard the ***Shahada-Seekers,
are not terrorists in any way.”

[***lit: Death for Allah- Seekers, PA term of honor for suicide terrorists]
[Al Hayat Al Jadida June 16, 2003]

On Palestinian support for suicide terror:

“Most [Palestinians] understand that the Shahada-Seekers and the
uprising fighters preserve honor for everyone … the public is convinced that
uprising fighters are the most just and the farthest from corruption. Only a
minority believes that the fighters should be restrained, for fear of provoking
the rage of Sharon…”

[Al Hayat Al Jadida June 16, 2003]

On erasing Jewish history in Israel:

Israelis have no history in the Land – because they are ‘Khazars’, who
are not connected to the land but to the words of the Torah”.

[Al Hayat Al Jadida June 16, 2003]

On the illegitimacy of Israel:

“… during the occupation of Palestine 50 years ago…”

[Ed: Israel’s creation as a state is stigmatized as if it is an “occupation”.]
[Al Hayat Al Jadida, Aug, 4 2003]

On US President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld: “[They] are human
beings whose ambitions have turned them into bloodthirsty beasts.”

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida Nov. 3, 2003]

On the US involvement in Iraq:

“They are fighting a cruel war”.

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida Nov. 3, 2003]

On US Christian leadership:

“Pat Robertson is one of the main figures of the most extremist
Evangelistic Zionists.”

[Al Hayat Al Jadida, Aug, 4 2003]

“Publications in the US about the
Second Coming of Jesus gained wide distribution and they describe a terrifying
Armageddon … total destruction. As for Jesus and his followers, God will raise
them above the clouds … While their pagan enemies (who fundamentalist
evangelist Zionist supporters interpret as Moslems) will drown in a lake of fire
and brimstone…These Zionist supporters give a modern interpretation and
interpret it [the fire and brimstone] as atomic bombs to be thrown on Moslems.”

[Citing a book in Al Hayat Al Jadida, Aug, 4 2003]

On US political leadership:

“President Harry Truman was considered one of the most Zionist
American Presidents.”

“President Jimmy Carter was faithful to the Zionist vision”.

“Nixon was an American President who believed in Zionism, and he
defined the Jews working in the White House as pigs… He was the one who
said concerning the Reagan-Gorbachev summit: “Russia and America must
cooperate in order to strike Islamic fundamentalism (!)”

“Bush, the father, was the 6th American Zionist President… and he is
one of Pat Robertson’s followers.”

“In the chain of Zionist American Presidents the last U.S. President Bill
Clinton is included … [Clinton] also emphasized that his Pastor predicted that he
would rule America and charged him with [care for] the Jewish State, because
with its blessing he shall win…”

[Al Hayat Al Jadida, Aug, 4 2003]

Participating in an event encouraging children to aspire to Shahada – heroic
Death for Allah:

“Dr. Ahmad Al-Yaziji, Under Secretary in the Ministry Youth and Sport,
participated in the closing ceremony of the **Ayyat Al-Akhras [summer] camp
for children. [The camp was] organized by the Shabibah organization of the
Fatah… the number of participants was 150 boys and girls, ages 9 to15.
Participants in the ceremony… included Nahid Al-Ris…”

[**Ayat Al-Akhras, a girl of age 17, was the youngest woman suicide
bomber.] [Al Quds Aug. 14, 2003]

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