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Arafat, the Nazi symphatizer

Woensdag, Augustus 14, 2002 / Last Modified: Zondag, Januari 14, 2018

August 14, 2002

Yasser Arafat is a murderer of Christians, Jews, Israelis and Americans – including U.S. diplomats, tourists, innocent women and children. Yasser Arafat is an unrepentant terrorist – the modern-day inventor of Arab terrorism, an
inspiration for Osama bin Laden and others. Yasser Arafat is an exploiter of his own people, keeping them in squalor and perpetuating their hatreds while padding his own Swiss bank accounts.

You might think that track record would be enough for Arafat to be targeted for
termination or at least relegated to political obscurity once and for all as
America and its allies wage an international war against terrorism.

For some reason, it has not been enough. Arafat is continually resurrected
politically by Americans, Europeans and Israelis. So let me offer one more bit of
Arafat’s sociopathic history for consideration.

Arafat is a Nazi sympathizer.

In an interview last week, published in Al Sharq al Awsat, a London Arabic
daily, reprinted in the Palestinian daily Al Quds, Aug. 2, and translated by
Palestinian Media Watch, Arafat called the Arab leader and Nazi ally, Hajj Amin
al-Husseini, “our hero.” He drew an analogy between himself and al-Husseini
who survived as a leader despite world pressure against him because of his
Nazi ties.

“We are not Afghanistan,” said Arafat in the interview. “We are a mighty
people. Were they able to replace our hero Hajj Amin al-Husseini? There were a
number of attempts to get rid of Hajj Amin, whom they considered an ally of
the Nazis. But even so, he lived in Cairo, and participated in the 1948 war, and
I was one of his troops.”

Arafat seldom tells the truth, but, in this case, his facts are correct. Hajj Amin
al-Husseini was the grand mufti of Jerusalem leading up to World War II. He
supported the Nazis. He met with Adolph Hitler. He was a strong proponent of
the Nazi program for mass murder of the Jews.

In fact, Arafat’s hero became a German agent, and the British tried
repeatedly to arrest him as a spy.

Perhaps the mufti’s “greatest achievement” was the recruitment of tens of
thousands of Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania to the German SS. His
Arab Legions later participated in the massacres of thousands of partisan Serbs,
Jews and Gypsies.

On March 1, 1944, Arafat’s hero was in Berlin making a dramatic radio
broadcast: “Arabs! Rise as one and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews
wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion. This saves your

The Nazi mufti visited numerous death camps and encouraged Hitler to extend
the “Final Solution” to the Jews of North Africa and Palestine. In fact, his only
condition for recruiting the Arab Legions in the Balkans was a promise from
Hitler to wipe out the Jews of the Middle East after the war.

In 1945, Yugoslavia sought to indict the mufti as a war criminal for his role in
the massacres. He escaped from French detention in 1946. He then traveled to
Egypt where he lived until 1974.

The grand mufti was not just Arafat’s “hero,” as he says. Arafat was, in fact,
so close to al-Husseini that the young terrorist called him “uncle.” Arafat’s real
name is Rahman Abdul Rauf el-Qudwa al-Husseini, though his actual blood
relationship with al-Husseini is in question. His entire career was sponsored by
the dreaded Nazi mufti. He was, indeed, Arafat’s mentor, his inspiration for 40
years of terror, murder, hatred and international duplicity.

The world’s people are too forgetful. This history is well-documented. Now
Arafat, in his own words, has reminded us once again about the bloody ties
between his movement and the Nazi monsters. He even reminds his own people
of why the mufti was scandalized. He knows his own people have no ill feelings
toward the Nazis. He knows his movement and the Nazis still share a common
goal – the death of all Jews. He knows this history can’t haunt him among his

But why do decent people, freedom-loving people, Christians and Jews,
Americans and Europeans, even Israelis, allow Arafat to escape accountability
for his words and his deeds?

Let this be Arafat’s final political epitaph: He was a terrorist. He was a
murderer. He was a liar. He was pro-Nazi scum.

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