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Arafat’s speech after the opening of the Jerusalem tunnels incites ‎Palestinians to violence

Donderdag, Oktober 24, 1996 / Last Modified: Zondag, September 6, 2015

Following the opening of the Jerusalem tunnels, former PA Chairman ‎Yasser Arafat gives a speech on official Palestinian Authority TV inciting ‎Palestinians to violence and glorifying Martyrdom for Allah. Arafat ‎encourages Palestinians to die as Martyrs while killing Israelis, citing a verse ‎from the Quran that reads “they shall fight in the way of Allah, and shall kill ‎and be killed.” He further motivates Martyrdom-death by saying that “Paradise ‎will be theirs.” The day after Arafat delivered this speech, dozens of people ‎were killed in Palestinian Authority-initiated violence.‎

Yasser Arafat: “[Quran:] Allah bought from the believers their lives and their ‎wealth because Paradise will be theirs: They shall fight in the way of Allah, ‎and shall kill and be killed.”‎
My righteous brothers, our righteous Martyrs, rest in peace, because our ‎blood is cheap compared to the goal which joined us together and has ‎separated us for a while. But we shall meet soon [as Martyrs], Allah willing, in ‎the highest place in Heaven.”‎
‎[Official Palestinian Authority TV, Oct. 24, 1996]

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