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Arafat honors Hamas terrorist Ayyash, “the Engineer,” planner of ‎suicide bombings

Zondag, Januari 7, 1996 / Last Modified: Zondag, September 6, 2015

Yasser Arafat glorifies Hamas terrorist Yahya Ayyash, the first Hamas suicide ‎bomb builder and planner, also known as “the Engineer.” He is considered ‎the founder of Palestinian suicide terror, and was behind attacks killing ‎dozens of Israelis and injuring hundreds.

Yasser Arafat in Hebron: “Today, I ask of you, my brothers, to recite the ‎Opening (chapter of Quran) for all our Martyrs, and the last among them, the ‎Martyr, engineer Yahya Ayyash.”‎
‎[Source unknown, Jan. 7, 1996]‎

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